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Let’s face it. Dealing with noisy neighbors can be daunting, frustrating, and even a bit scary. Especially if they’re hard to communicate with or the aggressive type. In fact, many domestic accidents happen because of noise issues between neighbors. What’s even worse, many people sell their properties because they can’t deal with the unbearable noise that their neighbors cause on a daily basis. High noise levels can cause cardiovascular effects in humans, as well as an increased occurrence of coronary artery disease. In other words, noise can be harmful to our bodies. According to the World Health Organization, “excessive noise seriously harms health and interferes with people’s daily activities…[…] at home and during leisure time.”

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Discussing your noise problem or oral confrontation used to be the only ways to handle the noisy upstairs neighbors. But not anymore!

There are technical solutions to deal with this huge problem that causes quarrels, accidents, and selling of properties.

Before we examine each of these solutions in more detail, let’s take a quick look at the types of noise from neighbors.

Table of Contents

The Types of Noise from Loud Neighbors

Noises from Neighbors in an Apartment

Noises from Neighbors in a House

Two Types of Solutions for Noisy Neighbors

Static Technical Solutions to Deal with Noisy Neighbors

  1. Over-the-ear Noise Canceling Headphones
  2. Over-the-ear Noise Canceling Headphones that Can Play Music
  3. Antiphons
  4. Sleeping Headphones
  5. Earplugs

Dynamic Technical Solutions to Deal with Noisy Neighbors

Dynamic Solutions to Deal with Noisy Neighbors Upstairs

  1. Vibration Plate

Stop Sound Solutions to Deal with Noisy Neighbors

  1. Stop Speakers Jammer
  2. High-frequency Antenna
  3. Magnetron

Other Solutions to Deal with Loud Neighbors

  1. Anti-animal Ultrasonic Units Ultrasound Device
  2. Stingers – Reciprocity Devices
  3. Noise Canceling Devices for Open-Air Spaces

The Types of Noise from Loud Neighbors

Whether your neighbors are upstairs or downstairs, the noise they make can be distracting and at times outright annoying. The noise issues come in various forms:

Noises from Neighbors in an Apartment:

  •   Loud music
  •   Playing an instrument
  •   Screaming or scandals
  •   Passing vehicles or trains
  •   Various types of renovations
  •   Old squeaking doors or floors
  •   Crying babies
  •   Barking dogs

Noises from Neighbors in a House:

  •   Loud music
  •   Playing an instrument
  •   Family scandals/screaming
  •   Passing trains or vehicles
  •   Different renovation activities
  •   Old squeaking doors or floors
  •   Noise from farm animals – cows, roosters, etc.
  •   Crying babies
  •   Barking dogs

In many of these situations, you’re helpless – you can’t kill a loud rooster or shut a baby’s mouth.

So, how to deal with the noisy neighborswhether upstairs, downstairs, in a house, or in an apartment – in a way that’s both effective and won’t get you into trouble?

We’ll go through each of the types one by one and offer a solution for each.

Two Types of Solutions for Noisy Neighbors

There are two main types of solutions to cope with loud neighbors – passive and active.

The static ones include noise cancelling, noise isolating, and noise blocking devices that help you effectively block the various loud sounds coming from your neighbors’ house or apartment.

The dynamic ones include devices that can effectively (actively) stop the noisy neighbors from causing noise.

Now, let’s take a look at each static and dynamic solution.

Static Technical Solutions to Deal with Noisy Neighbors

The static (passive) technical solutions to cope with noisy neighbors are more budget-friendly, and they can be useful in several cases. Let’s look at each of them below:

1. Over-the-ear Noise Canceling Headphones

These are effective in many cases – whether you’re reading, writing, or doing any other household activity.

They use electronics to effectively reduce low-frequency noise, such as semi-loud music or playing an instrument. We usually get adapted to these kinds of low-frequency background noises. But over time, they can be a major cause of fatigue and extra stress.

The best thing about these headphones – when you switch the noise canceling function on (even without any music) – you’ll immediately notice how these background noises disappear. The best brands can reduce the noise by up to 40 dB!

These headphones also effectively block bass-heavy music, passing trains or vehicles, and high-pitch voices. The electronics are designed to cancel noise frequencies up to XXX Hz.

2. Over-the-ear Noise Canceling Headphones that Can Play Music

These are very similar to the previous product, but they have one major benefit. You can play music on them.

In this way, you’re not only blocking the annoying sounds, but you can also enjoy listening to your favorite tunes. It’s a win-win.

3. Antiphons

These are devices that reduce the sound in a mechanical way thanks to membranes. If you’re going for a low-cost solution, these are a good way to deal with noisy neighbors and noise in general.

The major disadvantage of these? They’re massive. So, if you want to sleep with them on, you have to use special cushions. Plus, they don’t have the additional noise canceling technology that minimizes the sound electronically.

4. Sleeping Headphones

The name is fancy because this device is fancy in a good way.

They don’t reduce the noise. Instead, they emit the so-called “masking sounds.” The masking sounds come in the form of different sounds from our life – flowing water, cricket chirping, the sound of a working fan, etc.

In other words, this device cancels annoying noises with pleasant sounds that make you feel relaxed and concentrated.

5. Earplugs

Earplugs are the most budget-friendly option of all the static solutions to deal with noise and noisy neighbors. They come in various forms, sizes, and colors.

They’re the best when it comes to money but the worst when it comes to noise reduction.

Dynamic Technical Solutions to Deal with Noisy Neighbors

So far, we’ve covered all the static ways to cope with noisy neighbors. They’re much cheaper and provide a temporary solution to your noise problems. But if you want to handle noisy neighbors once and for all, you might want to consider investing in an active (dynamic) solution. These are practical technical solutions because you don’t have to deal with your noisy neighbors face-to-face. These solutions help you avoid conflicts with aggressive people who might be drunk or under the influence.


Dynamic Solutions to Deal with Noisy Neighbors Upstairs

1. Vibration Plate

This device is very useful when you’re dealing with noisy neighbors upstairs. The noise might be coming from kids playing on the floor, family arguments, loud speakers, etc.

A vibration plate is one of the most effective ways to show your neighbors that the noise they’re causing is higher than the tolerable norms.

How does a vibration plate work?

When you put the device on, it causes a weird sensation in the neighbors above. As a result, they get the hint that they’re crossing the bearable noise norms.

Stop Sound Dynamic Solutions to Deal with Noisy Neighbors

2. Stop Speakers Jammer

If your neighbors like partying and playing loud music often, and you know their speakers are using Bluetooth, the Stop Speakers Jammer is your best solution.

As the name suggests, this device can effectively stop their speakers from playing, provided they’re using Bluetooth.

The Stop Speakers Jammer is a very effective way to cope with noisy neighbors upstairs, downstairs, or next to your apartment or house.

3. High-frequency Antenna

Another way to deal with loud music is to use a high-frequency antenna.

How does it work? When you turn the antenna on, it makes the neighbors’ speakers emit a buzzing sound that’s very annoying.

Remember the buzzing sound of cell phones near speakers? Well, this is pretty much the same.

As a result, your neighbors have to turn down the volume.

4. Magnetron

It stops the music at any given point during the day. An electromagnetic generator creates an impulse that stops electronic devices. In other words, it can stop speakers when they’re too loud.

Other Dynamic Solutions to Deal with Loud Neighbors

5. Anti-animal Ultrasonic Units Ultrasound Device

Your neighbors have a dog that never stops barking? Say no more.

This ultrasound device is the perfect solution to that.

When you turn the device on, it emits a frequency of 25-35 KHz, which is completely harmless but very unpleasant to the dog.

As a result of emission, the dog stops barking.

It also chases away cats, mosquitos, as well as rats.

6. Stingers – Reciprocal Devices

It works on various frequencies. You can use this device in two ways:

  1. Manually. You can turn on the device manually when your neighbors are noisy.
  2. Automatically. Let’s say your tolerable noise barrier is 80 dB. You can set up the device to start working when the noise coming from your neighbors’ house is more than that. When the neighbors cause sounds or noise that’s above 80 dB, this device starts to emit sounds that are unpleasant to the human body.

If your neighbors are teenagers or youngsters, you can configure the device to emit sounds that only they can hear. These sounds are annoying for people that are aged 20 or less when you set the device at 17 KHz. All other people can’t hear them. Let’s say teenagers gather around your house every evening – drinking, partying, and being obnoxiously loud. This is when the Stingers comes in handy. Start the device and it’ll begin emitting sounds that only teenagers can hear. The sound is very distracting, annoying, and monotonous. There are frequencies that can cause nausea, disorientation, but they can’t harm their bodies. As soon as they leave the zone, everything will be back to normal. The idea is to chase the teenagers away from your house. The sound is not audible to people that are over 25 years of age, but it’s extremely irritating to people under that age.

7. Noise Canceling Devices for Open-Air Spaces

There are devices that stop open-air noise from neighbors. Such devices are for you if you live in a house and you’re wondering how to deal with neighbors next door.

As the name suggests, they effectively cancel noise in the open-air spaces of your house’s yard

– near the BBQ, in the garden, at the pool, etc.

These are speakers that emit a sound that cancels incoming noises from outside.

They are high-class devices that require a bigger budget and some preparation in advance.

The noise canceling speakers can be very useful when dealing with noise from renovation works.



Whether you’re dealing with noisy neighbors once in a while or on a daily basis, noise can have a detrimental effect on your health.

Calling the police or getting into a heated verbal confrontation with them may lead to accidents.

For that reason, the passive and active technical solutions to cope with loud neighbors are a much better option. Much safer, too.

Get your solution today and say goodbye to all noise-related headaches once and for all.

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