Have you heard of a mosquito alarm? Despite its confusing name, a mosquito alarm is a very useful ultrasonic device. The mosquito alarm is an audio repellent that uses high frequency noise to prevent loitering and anti-social behavior, especially by young people. Whether you are a retail business owner who works with clients or just a person who likes their quiet time, this innovative device can be a useful assistant in stopping loitering and preventing anti-social behavior.

In this article we will introduce you to the mosquito alarm and present you with some of its main uses.

How does a mosquito alarm work?

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Mosquito alarm

The mosquito alarm emits directed high-frequency sound waves with intrusive noise. Because the sound waves are directed, the noise created by a mosquito alarm reaches a specified area and those outside of that emittance area will not be affected. Normally, a single mosquito alarm covers an average size room.

The mosquito alarm does not cause any pain, but the noise it creates is extremely annoying. Neither does it cause any serious health risks, even in cases when people are exposed to the mosquito alarm effect long-term. However, some people may experience short-lived headaches, imbalance, nausea and even vomiting as a result of the intruding noise and waves created by the mosquito alarm.

Because of the intense irritation and the associated side effects, the mosquito alarm instantly stops people from misbehaving and makes them run away from the noise. Intruders will immediately leave the emittance range area of the mosquito alarm. The device provides a safe and effective protection against loitering and anti-social behavior.

The mosquito alarm is extremely small, compact and easy to use, as well as to hide. It works with battery and is portable and easy to carry around. Thanks to all this, it would be very hard for the affected people to notice the mosquito alarm and locate where the irritating noise comes from.

Whether you use it to protect your house, neighborhood, or the office, the mosquito alarm will effectively and quickly remove unwanted intruders from a specific area. A mosquito alarm will solve your loitering problems.

Fight hooliganism with a mosquito alarm

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mosquito alarm – Noise B Gone

As we mentioned earlier in the text, the main use of a mosquito alarm is to fight anti-social behavior and hooliganism. The mosquito alarm prevents people, especially young people and teenagers, from loitering and gathering idly in specific areas. It does not affect people who are simply passing by.

An interesting fact is that there are certain frequencies that can be heard by some people, while others are practically deaf for them. The ability to detect high frequency sound deteriorates with age. As a result, sound waves of about 17,400 Hz can only be heard by teenagers. Sound at such frequency is barely noticeable for people over the age of 25.

The mosquito alarm usually has two different frequency settings – one of about 8,000 Hz and another one of about 17,400 Hz. The sound waves of the lower frequency setting of the mosquito alarm are detected by people of all age groups, while noise emitted on higher frequency setting is only audible to young people.

A mosquito alarm can be a useful device for anyone who needs to keep their assets safe and can be used for protection of business and personal properties alike. A mosquito alarm could easily be installed behind stores, near major transport hubs and anywhere where people usually gather without any specific purpose and bother others with their behaviour. Loitering is a serious problem for businesses and it could potentially harm them as it creates a bad image and will discourage customers from coming. The noise emitted by the mosquito alarm is unbearably intrusive and instantly makes large groups disperse and stop them from making loud noise. With a mosquito alarm you can prevent anti-social behavior, violence and vandalism.

Thanks to the high-frequency setting of the mosquito alarm, users can target young people who usually are the ones to loiter and commit hooliganism. Adults will not be affected by the high frequency sound emitted by the device, while teenagers will be able to hear the intruding noise of the mosquito alarm and stop misbehaving. To save their assets, business owners must be prepared and always have a mosquito alarm at hand.

Always use a mosquito alarm with precaution

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Mosquito alarm – Buy Now!

We advise you to be very careful when using a mosquito alarm. The device is a compact civilian version of the sonic and ultrasonic weapon that military and police use. The mosquito alarm is a small, but powerful device.

Although there is no evidence a mosquito alarm could cause any serious health risks, many countries, including in the EU, have considered its ban because of fear it may infringe young people’s human rights and even over discrimination concerns, especially in cases when ultra-high frequency noise is used against young people only.

Trust professionals when choosing a mosquito alarm

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How does a mosquito alarm work?

Fight hooliganism with a mosquito alarm

Always use a mosquito alarm with precaution

Trust professionals when choosing a mosquito alarm

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