Directional speakers

What is a directional speaker?

In a nutshell, the directional speaker (aka audio laser) is an audio device that allows you to listen to audio while those around you cannot hear what you are hearing. In the following paragraphs we will tell you more about the directional speaker and the technology it uses, and we will list a few industries where it is widely employed.
Directional speakers 1

Directional speakers

The history of the directional speaker originates from science. The technology is based on sonar systems with high-frequency waves that were initially used by navel scientist to detect objects underwater and to communicate with them. However, nowadays the technology on which the directional speaker is based has advanced and its use is very widely spread to various fields of interest.

How does the directional speaker work?

The way a directional speaker works differs from that of a regular speaker. The conventional speaker spreads out sound waves and disperses them outward in all directions from the center of the device. As a result, everyone in the room can hear the music playing from a conventional speaker. The directional speaker, on the other hand, emits a very narrow sound beam and focuses the sound to a precise location; it is unidirectional. With a directional speaker, you can hear the music while everyone else in the room does not hear a thing. The technology uses very high frequency sound waves, i.e. ultrasound, that are not detectable by the human ear. The ultrasound generates shorter sound waves and has less diffraction. This means that the sound beam spreads less and the audio coming out of a directional speaker is much more focused.

Think of it this way: sound is a wave, similar to light. Depending on how it is used, the waves of light can spread out in all direction, like in a light bulb, or they can be focus, like in a laser. The same way, sound can be spread or focused, depending on the technology used. This is exactly what the directional speaker does – it directs sound just like a laser directs light. Hence the names audio laser and directional speaker.

If you want to hear audio played on a directional speaker, you have to face the device directly. If you move away so that it is not pointed correctly at you, you would no longer be able to hear the sound. This is why you can hear the audio played by a directional speaker while others cannot.

Where is the directional speaker used?

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Directional speakers – Noise B Gone

The possibilities for using this convenient device are only limited by the imagination. In the business world, the directional speaker is widely used in museums and exhibitions to vocalize information for a certain exhibition piece, but also in stores and retail facilities for advertisement. The directional speaker can be used to confine sound in any small areas where needed. This includes schools, airports, libraries, restaurants, shopping centers, etc. The directional speaker is really a device that can be utilized in any possible industry.

The directional speaker can be implemented in hospitals to inform patients in certain beds without disturbing other patience. However, the device is more widely used in other science fields. The directional speaker technology is simple – the higher the frequency used, the more focused the sound wave is. Usually, the required frequency is so high that it is not detected by the human ear. Most animals, however, can hear it easily. That’s why the use of a directional speaker is so common in naval science.

The directional speaker also finds a military use. Such devices, however, are much more powerful than those of conventional use. Military ships use the directional speaker technology to get in contact with trespassing vessels. It allows them to send warning messages from long distance. Military aircraft also takes advantage of the directional speaker technology in a similar way. In the context, the directional speaker is more practical since the sound of conventional speakers can easily get lost in the background noise of other flying devices.

Can I have a directional speaker at home?

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Directional speakers – Buy Now!

The personal use of a directional speaker is increasingly growing, especially in the last few years. The device can easily replace headphones at home and in public places. You can happily listen to loud music with a directional speaker without disturbing those around you. It can also be used at work for conference calls in open offices since the directional speaker keeps the sound focused to the user’s ear only. The size of the directional speaker varies, but it is rather small and easily portable. It is a very convenient device for everyday use that you can bring with you wherever you go. Thanks to the directional speaker, you can now listen to music while sitting in the park or lying on the beach without disturbing other people. The directional speaker gives you privacy and ensures peace and quiet for those around you. A standard directional speaker runs on battery that can last for many hours at a time.

Can I buy a directional speaker from Noise-B-Gone?

Yes, of course. At Noise-B-Gone, we have the right directional speaker for you. We offer pocket size directional speakers for everyday use and for each household, but we also have more advanced directional speaker models for commercial use. If you are not sure what device you need or if you would like to learn more about the directional speaker, you can always contact us. We would be happy to give provide you with information and to help you choose the right product. Noise-B-Gone is the world’s only website dedicated entirely to providing technical solutions to ALL your noise problems. Browse our collection to find the right directional speaker for you.

What is a directional speaker?

How does the directional speaker work?

Where is the directional speaker used?

Can I have a directional speaker at home?

Can I buy a directional speaker from Noise-B-Gone?

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