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What is a Dog repeller?

As its name indicates, a dog repeller has a simple purpose – it is an effective device against animal noise. A dog repeller is most widely used for protection against constantly barking and aggressive dogs, being it at home or in the street. A dog repeller emits a harmless loud sound that dogs find very annoying and which makes them stay away from you at a distance of about 6 meters. To achieve this effect, all you need to do is press the ON button on the dog repeller and point it towards the animal. The market offers different types of dog repeller devices suitable for home use, but pocket dog repeller models that you can carry around with you are also available.
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Dog repeller

Main functions of a dog repeller

There are several main functions of a dog repeller that are useful in everyday life. The device can assist you in protecting yourself from the neighbors’ noisy pets, aggressive dogs on the street and chasing away unwanted animals from your residential area. Below we will list some of the main functions of a dog repeller:

  1. Dog barking prevention – Noisy pets, especially those of your neighbors, can be a serious problem. Some dogs bark loudly and continuously, including in the small hours of the day when you are trying to rest. This could cause a lot of stress and often can interfere with your sleeping habits. If you, too, have this problem, don’t hesitate to buy a dog repeller and use it. The intrusive sound of a dog repeller will stop the barking. Owning a dog repeller will give you back your peace and will spare you some sleepless nights.
  2. Protection from aggressive dogs – Streets are full of loose aggressive dogs that can scare you, but also attack you. There are numerous reported cases of people being brutally bitten by dogs while walking on the street, in the park or in other public places. You can protect yourself with a dog repeller that you can always carry around with you in your pocket or purse. Stay safe by using a dog repeller at times when aggressive dogs approach you.
  3. Chasing other animals away – We are aware that not only your neighbor’s pet could be bothering you, but other animals as well. Other types of animals can also interfere with your sleep and rest. Stray cats and dogs, as well as birds and insects that live in urban areas in proximity to residential buildings could be a problem. Don’t worry, we have your back. In our product catalog, we have dog repeller devices that affect not only dogs, but also other animals. Thanks to a dog repeller, you can retain the peace and quiet in your home.
  4. Dog training – If you own a pet, investing in a dog repeller could be of great value for you. A dog repeller will serve you well in training your dog and correcting its behavior. It will also ensure your piece of mind and your pet’s safety during walks in case you encounter another dog. With a dog repeller, you can prevent a possible collision before someone gets hurt.

Dog repeller devices – practical, effective, and cost efficient

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Dog repeller – Noise B Gone

Overall, a dog repeller is a practical and cost-efficient device against noisy and aggressive dogs. Its alternatives are usually much more expensive. A dog repeller does the job and is freely available on the market and can be bought without any restrictions. Most dog repeller models are available at very affordable price, although stronger dog repeller devices with a wider range come with a slightly higher price tag.

What types of dog repeller can you find at

We offer various devices that prevent and reduce noise in urban environment. This includes dog repeller devices. On the website you can find and order high quality products from this category at an attractive price. Following is a list of the main types of dog rappeler devices we develop and sell:

Dog repeller for the home: We offer dog repeller devices for home use in cases when you need peace and quiet and the neighbor’s dogs are barking all the time. For such situations, we recommend the model Dog Repeller Max that you can find in our product catalog. It is a powerful device with sound that can penetrate through a 20-centimeter wall. With this dog repeller, you can ensure your neighbor’s dogs stop barking without your getting in unnecessary conflict with their owner.

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Dog repeller – Buy now!

Pocket dog repeller: In you can also find pocket dog repeller devices that are convenient for carrying with you on your walks outside. They are the perfect tool for personal protection and prevention from aggressive dogs. We advise you to carry a dog repeller in a way that would allow you to take it out fast and use it when necessary. We offer dog repeller devices with belt clip. They are practical and convenient.

Dog repeller for training: Our catalog includes dog repeller models suitable for dog training. For better efficiency, the device can be used in combination with verbal and manual commands to improve a dog’s behavior. Thanks to the dog repeller devices for training, dog owners can now easily train their pets how to behave well at home and among other people and dogs.

Antianimal device: In addition to the standard dog repeller, we develop antianimal devices that affect various other animals. These animal repellers have larger range (up to 40 meters) which will allow for the full coverage of the perimeter around your house/apartment. With a dog repeller, or any antianimal repeller, you can hold off unwanted animal presence and enjoy your peace and quiet. This includes stray dogs and cats, birds and insects, as well as rodents that inhabit the proximities of your home.

What is a Dog repeller?

Main functions of a dog repeller

Dog repeller devices – practical, effective, and cost efficient

What types of dog repeller can you find at

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    Dog Repeller Yellow – Training

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    Ultrasonic dog walker suitable for trainers and dogs with LED flashlight

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    Ultrasound device against dogs, cats, proteins, weakers, small birds and other wild animals

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  • Защита срещу шум от животни

    Dazer II – Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent

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  • Dog Repeller Max

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    Vermin Repeller Ultrasonic Sound Animal Repeller, 40m (131ft) Range, 100 dB

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