When are earmuffs most often used?

Earmuffs are a device especially designed to protect the ear from harmful levels of noise. Loud environments are increasingly becoming a problem in the modern world, for the most part due to the development of large city centers and the growth of certain industries. The market offers various models of earmuffs from which to choose from. Before we examine the different types of earmuffs, let us briefly list the main uses of earmuffs:
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  • At the workplace – Earmuffs are a must for many people at their workplace. People who work in an environment with harmful noise levels are exposed to a greater risk of hearing damage. Examples of such environments include industrial sites, production plants, construction sites, airports, etc.
  • At home – Many people find using earmuffs at their homes very practical. Earmuffs could be very comfortable at times when your neighbors are making repairs or there’s a loud group of people having fun right under your window. No doubt you can find comfortable earmuffs for any occasion that would ensure your piece and quiet when you are sleeping or resting.
  • At public events – Whether you attend a concert or any other public event, there may come a time when noise levels get too high for you. In such cases, you can use earmuffs to protect your ears. They will help you feel much better at a loud event and will prevent any pain or getting a muffled ear after the event.

Main functions of earmuffs

Modern-day earmuffs have a number of functions and for some you may not have thought of. Below we list a few of the main functions of the earmuffs.

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Earmuffs – Noise B Gone

  1. Earmuffs protect the hearing – The main and most important function of the earmuffs is to protect the hearing; they were created for this purpose. Whether at home, at the workplace, or in public places, wearing earmuffs will cover your ears and effectively protect your hearing from extremely loud noises. The proper and timely use of earmuffs will minimize the risk of damaging your hearing for good.
  2. Earmuffs protect you from low-voltage electric shock – The headband of some newer earmuffs models has integrated protection from low voltage electricity. This is especially useful for people who work with electricity on a daily basis and their job requires more attention and protection.
  3. Earmuffs ensure better work hygiene – If you work in a dirty work environment, you can protect your ears from the dirt by using earmuffs. Models with replaceable cushions and foam inserts are especially suitable for high-dirt work environments. The regular replacement of the parts of the earmuffs would ensure better hygiene and protection from bacteria and other dirt-loving microorganism.
  4. Earmuffs ensure full-night’s sleep and rest – As we previously mentioned, earmuffs can be a great help in ensuring you get complete sleep and feel rested in the morning. If you need earmuffs to ensure a good-night’s sleep, we recommend you to buy models with comfortable cushions – they would be the best option for your ear.

The best earmuffs models at Noisebgone.com

Noise-B-Gone is the world’s only website dedicated entirely to providing technical solutions to ALL your noise problems. Our product portfolio includes, among other things, various earmuffs models of high quality and with different functions. Here we will list some of the best models you can find with us:

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3M Optime 3: earmuffs blocking harmful loud noise levels by 35 dB – This earmuffs model is reliable and effective and will protect you from extremely loud levels of noise. The innovative double cup technology used in this model will help minimize the resonance inside the capsule and provide maximum high-frequency insulation. They can insulate noises by up to 35 dB which makes them one of the highest noise reduction earmuffs on the market. This model can be used at the workplace, but also at airports, train stations, and other high noise places. The 3M Optime 3 model has broad sealing rings that are filled with soft plastic foam to provide the best fit and low contact pressure.

3M PELTOR, X4A-GB: earmuffs blocking harmful loud noise levels by 33 dB – This earmuffs model is mainly used for protection from moderate to high-level industrial noise. It reduces the noise levels by 33 dB. The model features a number of extras – the earpads of the earmuffs are incredibly comfortable, they meet the latest hygiene standards and are easily replaceable; the headband is electrically insulated and can protect from low voltage electricity of up to 440 V ac.

3M Optime 1: earmuffs blocking harmful loud noise levels by 27 dB – This is yet another very effective earmuffs model that will help you protect your ears from industrial noise and other high-level noises. To ensure better comfort, the model features specifically formulated foam lining and innovative ear cushions that are easily replaceable. The headband of these earmuffs is made with electrically insulated tape for protection from low voltage electricity of up to 440 V ac.

Muffy Baby: earmuffs for babies and kids – We also offer an earmuffs model especially designed for small children and babies to protect them from loud noise. They can be used to guarantee their sound sleep during travel trips, as well as to protect their ears during concerts, festivals, parades, sports and other public events. The soft fabric and the elastic headband of the Muffy Baby earmuffs make them very comfortable for a small child. This model of earmuffs reduces the loud noise by 25 dB. It is available in two colors – blue for boys and pink for girls.

When are earmuffs most often used?

Main functions of earmuffs

The best earmuffs models at Noisebgone.com

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