Noice cancelling earbuds

What are noise cancelling earbuds?

When we listen to music with headphones, we usually hear two sounds – that of the music and the annoying background noise of the surrounding environment. That is, unless you use noise cancelling earbuds – headphones specifically designed to suppress the background noise. Here you can find out more about what noise cancelling earbuds are and browse the models we offer.
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Noise canceling earbuds

Noise cancelling earbuds are a type of in-ear headphones that reduce the ambient noise and optimize the music you hear in your headphones. Their sound of the noise cancelling earbuds is much better than that of regular headphones – louder, clearer, with higher quality, and without disturbing noise. The noise cancelling earbuds, thanks to their special technology, succeed in getting rid of the ambient noise and leaving you with the pure sound of the music you are listening to.

The technology implemented in the noise cancelling earbuds was first used in the 1970’s by airplane pilots to eliminate the ongoing noise coming out of the engines during flights and help them concentrate on their work. It was also used by the military. In the 2000’s, the first noise cancelling earbuds came out on the commercial market. At the time, noise cancelling earbuds were not very affordable and were available mainly for first-class airplane passengers.

Nowadays, the technology is more widely used commercially and the electronics advancement has made the noise cancelling earbuds readily available to anyone who wants to pay some more for high quality sound.

How do noise cancelling earbuds work?

Noise cancelling earbuds use a technology that took many years to develop and perfect. Its idea, however, is simple. Noise cancelling earbuds have an integrated microphone to record ambient sound. They listen to the surrounding environment and detect unwanted noise. In response, the noise cancelling earbuds create sound waves that cancel those of the noise.

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Noise canceling earbuds – Noise B Gone

In other words, the microphone collects and measures low frequency sound waves that the noise cancelling earbuds technology neutralizes before they reach the ear. In physics, these concepts are known as noise and anti-noise. The anti-noise waves emitted by the noise cancelling earbuds, however, are of the opposite direction to those of the ambient sound. This causes the two waves to align in a way that suppresses the noise, so you do not hear it. The ambient sound waves are silenced by the noise cancelling earbuds before they reach the ear. This creates a clear sound in the noise cancelling earbuds with no or minimum background noise to disturb it.

This noise cancellation technology is called active noise cancelling, or active noise reduction, and is the most popular technology used for noise cancelling earbuds.

A different noise cancelling technology also exists – passive noise cancellation, or noise isolation.  Rather than cancelling the ambient sound waves, it blocks them so they do not reach the ear. The result is similar to that used by active noise cancelling earbuds – no or minimal noise to interfere with the music in the headphones. Noise isolation, however, uses heavy padding and requires that ears lobes are surrounded by the headphones without any gap between the two. This technology, is not very popular for noise cancelling earbuds. It is better suited for over-ear headphones, also called full size headphones.

In the noise cancelling earbuds section on our website, you can find different models using active noise cancelling technology. These products are usually come with a higher price. In our expert opinion, active noise cancellation earbuds are much more efficient in reducing unwanted noise and are well worth the money. The active technology ensures better sound and less noise. For this reason, we have chosen to include in our product catalog noise cancelling earbuds with this technology. We always strive for the best.

Where are noise cancelling earbuds best to use?

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Noise canceling earbuds – Buy Now!

Noise cancelling earbuds are small, light-weight and comfortable. They are very discrete and easy to carry around and even with their casing they weight much less than over-ear headphones. For this reason, noise cancelling earbuds are good for intense workouts, indoors and outdoors.

The technology that noise cancelling earbuds use works best with repetitive and consistent noise.  This means that noise cancelling earbuds could be very useful during your commute, at an airplane flight, and especially while traveling.

Because of their light weight and specific technology, noise cancelling earbuds are a good choice to take with you when traveling. In fact, every frequent flier should have a pair of noise cancelling earbuds. They block out unwanted noise, product clear sound, and give you privacy on your trip. Thanks to their size, noise cancelling earbuds can be used practically anywhere.

What noise cancelling earbuds can I find in Noise-B-Gone?

On this page you can look at all models of noise cancelling earbuds we currently have. Find the perfect pair of noise cancelling earbuds for you and forget about the dirty sound you hear from your regular headphones.

You can choose wireless noise cancelling earbuds with Bluetooth technology and no cord connecting the left bud to the right one, or, if you prefer, you can order a noise cancelling earbuds with cable. Both wireless and cable models have ergonomic design and are comfortable on the ear. The noise cancelling earbuds we offer come with a small portable case to carry them around with you anywhere you go. Our product catalog features noise cancelling earbuds from well-known brands, including Bang & Olufsen, Anker, Lovebay, and iTeknic. We have a great collection of quality noise cancelling earbuds. Noise-B-Gone is the world’s only website dedicated entirely to providing technical solutions to ALL your noise problems.

What are noise cancelling earbuds?

How do noise cancelling earbuds work?

Where are noise cancelling earbuds best to use?

What noise cancelling earbuds can I find in Noise-B-Gone?

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    Lovebay Wireless Noise Cancelling Earphones, Bluetooth 5.0, LED Display

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    iTeknic IK-BH004, Wireless, Noise Canceling Earbuds (20dB), 18 Hours Playtime

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    Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E4 – 15 dB, Active Noise Cancelling, Wired

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