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Sleep headphones – a great sleep aid

Many people struggle with falling asleep or staying asleep throughout the night. They may try different methods to ensure they get enough sleep, oftentimes without much success. Most products that are available on the market sound well in advertisements, but are not practically useful. Not to mention, to help themselves deal with a sleeping problem, a number of people take over-the-counter or prescription pills which in some cases may lead to addiction.
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Sleep headphones

Do you have a sleeping problem? Here we offer you a better alternative – sleep headphones, to make your sleeping experience more enjoyable. Not to mention that sleep headphones are very affordable and much less expensive than other sleep aid alternatives. Sleep headphones will ensure you get a good night’s sleep and feel rested in the morning.

What are sleep headphones?

Sleep headphones are a device especially designed for helping people with sleep problems. They combine a blindfold with headphones, but provide much more comfort than a regular blindfold and headphones. Sleep headphones resemble a headband that goes around the eyes and the head of a person. They are soft and padded and extremely soft and comfortable to wear.

Sleep headphones will effectively block any ambient irritants and keep you sleeping until morning. Sleep headphones will prevent annoying street lights from reaching the eye and keep you awake. Research shows that people who sleep in darkness have better sleep quality. Sleeping in darkness is essential for the health – the absence of light signals to the body that it is time to rest. Sleep headphones are designed specifically to not allow any light and noise interfere with your sleep.

Simple, comfortable, and very easy to use, sleep headphones could be the best solution for people with irregular sleep. Sleep headphones do the job better than other sleep aid at much lower price and ensure restful sleep without popping any pills or using other uncomfortable devices.

Sleep headphones – the perfect in-bed audio device

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Sleep headphones- Noise B Gone

Sleep headphones are a great solution for people who want to listen to audio before they go to bed.

If you are a light sleeper, listening to music, natural sounds, or guided meditation may help you fall asleep faster and keep you sound asleep during the night. Sleep headphones are the most comfortable way to play audio in bed.

With sleep headphones, you can listen to your favorite audio without disturbing those around you. No one else will hear the sound played in the sleep headphones, so if you have a partner you don’t risk keeping them awake. Because of this, and their light weight, sleep headphones are a great device to bring with you on travel trips – you get your privacy and sleep, without bothering anyone around.

Sleep headphones are comfortable and easy to wear. Regular headphones, on the other hand, are not very comfortable and can hurt the ears after a while, especially if you are a side sleeper. They prevent you from moving around freely at night and, not to forget, the cords can tangle up and become a serious suffocation hazard. And even wireless earbuds can come out of the ear and get lost in your bed instead of protecting you from background noise during the sleep. Anyways, regular headphones are not the answer.

Sleep headphones are especially designed for use during sleep. There is nothing sticking in your ear while you are sleeping. The built-in speakers of the sleep headphones are flat and located inside the headband. Instead, they sit over the ear and will not bother you at all. Sleep headphones are equally comfortable while sleeping on the side and on the back.

How do sleep headphones work?

Sleep headphones are an advanced version of the eye mask and headphones used by many people with sleeping problems. They, however, are much more comfortable for the sleeper. The combination of a blindfold and headphones in the sleep headphones results in blockage of any ambient light and noise. This create the illusion that the person wearing sleep headphones is in complete darkness and listening to controlled relaxing sounds, rather than chaotic, irregular background noises. This tricks the mind into thinking it is time to relax and sleep.

Sleep headphones will not only help you fall asleep faster, but also stay asleep longer. Simply, there is no ambient noise to interrupt your sleep. Sleep headphones can be worn through the whole night, so they will prevent you from waking up because of ambient distractions. Sleep headphones are especially beneficial for light sleepers.

The ergonomic design with adjustable strap of the sleep headphones ensures they are comfort and fitting every head size. The location of the speakers in the band of the sleep headphones can also be adjusted so they are positioned correctly right above the ears.

Can I find sleep headphones in Noise-B-Gone?

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Sleep headphones – Buy Now!

Yes, of course we have sleep headphones. Noise-B-Gone is the world’s only website dedicated entirely to providing technical solutions to ALL your noise problems. This includes sleep headphones and other sleep-related devices.

In our online store you can choose from various wireless sleep headphones with Bluetooth technology. Their batteries usually run for about 10-13 hours – that is more than enough to last for one full night’s sleep. Most models come with removable speakers and are machine washable. A volume controller is conveniently positioned on the strap of the sleep headphones. This will allow you to easily adjust volume with a single click. Sleep headphones are completely risk-free, affordable, and easy to use.

Sleep headphones – a great sleep aid

What are sleep headphones?

Sleep headphones – the perfect in-bed audio device

How do sleep headphones work?

Can I find sleep headphones in Noise-B-Gone?

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