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What is a white noise machine and what benefits does it have?

White noise machine is an umbrella term for different sounds with pleasant and relaxing effect that bring positive emotions to the listener. For some, such a sound could be the sound they hear on the TV while seated comfortably on the couch, while for others it could be their favorite song played on the radio. In recent times, more and more people purchase a white noise machine to muffle ambient noise and replace it with therapeutic and relaxing sounds. Here are some of the main benefits of the white noise machine:
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White noise machine

  1. A white noise machine induces a good night’s sleep – If you suffer from sleeping problems, investing in a white noise machine could be a game changer. With a white noise machine you can muffle ambient noises like noisy neighbors, dog barks, and other loud irritating sounds that bother you while you are trying to sleep. Moreover, the device will generate sounds that you find relaxing and that help you forget about your daily problems and fall asleep faster.
  2. A white noise machine releases stress and tension – The use of a white noise machine will help you deal with chronic stress and tension. The modern-day lifestyle causes high levels of stress which often may lead to long-term health problems. Using a white noise machine will allow you to release stress easily and restore your balance whenever you needed it, thus improving your overall health and fitness.
  3. A white noise machine puts babies and toddlers to sleep – Parents of babies and young children know how hard it may be to put them to sleep. When kids find it hard to fall asleep or stay up all night, their parents also suffer from the lack of a full night’s sleep. A white noise machine will help you cut down significantly the number of sleepless nights for you and your loved ones. It has different settings for sound and lighting control which can make a sleepless child more comfortable in their own beds and prone to sleep.

How to choose the right white noise machine?

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White noise machine – Noise B Gone

Choosing the right white noise machine requires extensive research. You need to take into account a number of factors, including the sound range, lighting control functions, the presence of other features, and price. Here is some more information about what to consider when buying a white noise machine:

  • The sound range of a white noise machine – The first feature of a white noise machine, and the most important one, is the range of sounds of the device. The most common sounds of a white noise machine are lullabies and natural sounds. You should choose a variety of sounds that best fit your personal preferences and taste to ensure your rest.
  • The lighting control of a white noise machine – The lighting control system of the white noise machine is another leading factor for your decision. There are numerous light combinations and color options possible. Some models white noise machine have special night light modes to ensure a sound sleep. It is important to note that the lighting functions are usually independent from those for sound.
  • Other functions of the white noise machine – Some white noise machine devices offer a number of additional features. Some models have a built-in timer which allows for the device to turn itself off automatically after a specific period of time. Other white noise machine models focus on a lightweight and portable design that allows you to carry them around anywhere you need them.
  • The price of a white noise machine – The price is another important aspect when choosing a white noise machine. The price should fit your personal budget, but provide the best quality you can afford with the right functions for you need.

Find the right white noise machine for you at Noisebgone.com

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White noise machine – Buy now!

Noise-B-Gone is a company that offers products and devices that help you deal with unwanted noise in urban environments. Part of our large product portfolio consists of white noise machine devices which can guarantee you a significant improvement in the quality of sleep. Here are some white noise machine models you can find in our online store:

Sendcool white noise machine – This is a device that makes soothing, therapeutic sounds which recreate natural sounds found in the environment. For extra comfort, the white noise machine comes with three separate timer settings – for 30, 60, and 90 minutes, respectively, as well as a light control system with different LED functions imitating moon light and night light. In terms of price, this is a very affordable model white noise machine and meets the financial capabilities of the average Bulgarian consumer.

Three Sleep D3 white noise machine – This is a very innovative white noise machine and is ideal for adults, children, and babies alike. Its compact size allows for it to be carried in a standard bag or a backpack. This white noise machine has built-in Li-ion battery rechargeable via a USB, but it can also be charged with a cable via a standard power supply. It comes with two timers and a voice regulation function.

Sleep White Noise Machine – This white noise machine is ideal for people with sleeping problems. It comes with three different relaxing lullabies preinstalled on the device, as well as nine other natural sounds to choose from, including bird singing, wave sounds, and cricket sounds. This is the best option in terms of quality-price ratio for a white noise machine available in our product catalog.

What is a white noise machine and what benefits does it have?

How to choose the right white noise machine?

Find the right white noise machine for you at Noisebgone.com

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