3D Sleep Mask Pretty Care Black, blocks light and noise

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Do you have a problem falling asleep?
The wireless speakers mask Pretty Care could be your perfect solution for easy and comfortable falling asleep as well as for seclusion and relax throughout the day.
The mask provides for maximum comfort, does not interfere with breathing and perfectly blocks light. Now you can listen to music without wearing additional earplugs to help you fall asleep faster. The sleeping mask helps you relax, not only while falling asleep, but through your yoga session or meditation, on the beach, in the plane or on the train, as well as in the office for a short break.

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Research shows that people get a quality sleep when sleeping in a dark room. But it is not always possible to have a completely dark sleeping environment without some help – the Pretty Care masks are the ideal solution. Without difference if you are working on a night shift or sleep during the day, or you have to sleep on a plane, or are simply tired from the urban lights breaking through in your bedroom, the Pretty Care mask can help you block the light and sleep better.

I Sleep Deeply Anywhere Anytime

Insomnia shall remain in your past. A real HD sound with the newest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which produces a great sound quality. The wireless sleep mask Pretty Care connects to every Bluetooth device such as iPhone, iPad, Android and all other types of smart devices. You can charge the battery through USB cable for approximately 2 – 2.5 hours and to ensure yourself more than 10 hours of relax. You can regulate the position of the speakers closer to the ears so that you could hear more clearly.

The sleep mask has a tridimensional form which prevents from sweating or pressure on the eyelids.

Advantages of the 3D Sleep Mask Pretty Care Black

  • Convex form – no pressure on the eyelids or lashes
  • No sweating under the mask
  • Adjustable up to 21 cm
  • Material: velvet, cotton, memory foam – ensuring soft and comfortable feeling
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Cleaning – you can easily take out the speaker and clean the mask

Color: black

How to pair a Bluetooth device?

  1. Push the PLAY/PAUSE button for 3 seconds (red/blue indication light).
  2. Find the Bluetooth name “BT-FAAH” on your phone.
  3. Pair and enjoy.


  • The set includes:
  • 1x Bluetooth 5.0 sleep mask
  • 1x USB charging cable
  • 1х protective velvet bag
  • 1x manual


Find the right sleep headphones for you.

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