3M PELTOR X4A-GB – Earmuffs, blocking harmful noise levels, 33dB NRR

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3M PELTOR X4A-GB are earmuffs for protection against hazardous noise levels. These lightweight, low-profile headphones fit perfectly in any ear and are compatible with other personal protective equipment.

The earmuffs serve to protect against moderate to high levels of industrial noise and other loud sounds. They include an electrically insulated tape, often called “dielectric“.

The muffs reduce noise levels by 33 dB!

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The 3M PELTOR X4A-GB is one of the latest 3M innovations in their series for protection against dangerous levels of industrial noise. New technologies in comfort, design and security all come together in this new line of X4A earmuff line.

NOISE REDUCTION: The muffs have a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 33 dB.

TECHNOLOGY: 3M PELTOR uses a recently designed spacer, specially formulated foam lining, and innovative ear cushions to make it comfortable for all who use them.

COMFORTABLE AND HYGIENIC: The earpads of the earmuffs are hygienic (HYX4 standard) and can be changed. The special foam lining can also be replaced. For optimum levels of comfort and efficiency, you can adjust the pivot points of the earmuffs.

SAFE: The 3M PELTOR X4A-GB earmuffs are electrically insulated. The metal components of the headband are coated with non-conductive material for use in low-voltage (less than 440 V ac) electrical hazards.

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