BK QUAKE – Device against Noisy Neighbors, 220V, Remote

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BK Quake is an electromechanical device that emits vibrations and sound. You can use the device to respond to a noise coming from your upstairs neighbors. When you place the machine next to the ceiling, it produces vibrations that your neighbors will feel on their floor.

In contrast with the Vibration Plate, this model works with two parallel vibration engines. The first one produces vibrations. The second one – rumbling sound. The device is small, compact, and very easy to use.

BK Quake is super simple to install, can be controlled remotely, and has many high-frequency vibrations with various strength types. The noise reduction machine’s input voltage is 220V, and the operating frequency is 50Hz.

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Noise from upstairs neighbors can be downright annoying. When you don’t want to confront them verbally, you can resort to BK Quake. Also known as silencer, noise deadener, sound eliminator, or noise eliminating device, you can use it to reduce the noise from your upstairs neighbors.

BROAD RANGE OF USES – You can use the device at home, at the office, or anywhere else where you the neighbors upstairs are causing a lot of noise.

COMPACT – BK Quake is tiny, compact, and extremely easy to use. Because of its compact size, you can place the noise eliminating device in your bag, luggage, or suitcase, and bring it to the desired location.

REMOTE CONTROL – One of the best features of the device is the fact that you can control it remotely. Whenever the noise from the neighbors upstairs becomes unbearable, start the device, and it will do its job. And you won’t have to move a muscle from your comfortable couch.
Find the right ceiling vibrator for you.

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Dimensions 100 × 25 × 22 cm


11 x 11 x 9 cm.


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