Calm Sleeping Mask with Headband, 8 Hours Playtime, Soft Stereo

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Calm is a sleeping mask with a Bluetooth 4.2, Wireless headband. The eye mask provides you with a Soft Stereo sound with the aim to help you relax, concentrate, or sleep in a better way.

The headband is soft, elastic, lightweight, breathable, and washable. You can use Calm to block out lights and noises. There’s a built-in microphone, so you can easily take calls while wearing it. The USB rechargeable battery can last up to 8 hours.

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Calm Sleeping Mask with Headband is your solution to block out annoying lights and background noises. The sleeping eye mask helps you create an environment that’s ideal for relaxing or sleeping – wherever and whenever.

The wireless headband can be easily paired with both Android and Apple devices via its Bluetooth 4.2.

EASE OF USE – The Calm Sleeping Mask with Headband is 100% handsfree, meaning there are no annoying cables or wires. It’s a great fit for frequent travelers, light sleepers who get easily distracted by glaring lights, as well as those who suffer from insomnia. Don’t worry that you’ll miss a call as there’s a microphone that is built in the headband.

COMFORTABLE AND PORTABLE – The soft materials, elasticity, and adjustability make the sleeping headband extremely comfortable. Its compact size lets you carry the eye mask with you all the time. Just place it in your bag and enjoy the rest you deserve – wherever you go. The middle Bluetooth control panel is great for side sleepers.

LONG BATTERY LIFE – The sleeping mask with headband comes with a li-ion, USB rechargeable battery, which can last up to 8 hours. This is enough for a good night sleep. If you’re a light sleeper, don’t worry. The mask won’t beep if it runs out of battery.

NUMEROUS USES – You can use the headband for yoga, jogging, workouts, sleeping, or while on long-haul flights.


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