Decibel Noise Level Meter PCE-MSL 1, Range 35-135dB, Accuracy ±2dB

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Decibel Meter PCE-MSL 1 is a sound measuring device that serves to quickly determine the ambient volume. Next to measuring the sound, it can also measure the ambient temperature.

The device is small, compact, and portable, making it great to carry around with you. The sound meter PCE-MSL 1 operates with 3 AAA batteries, which can last up to 60 hours, and has an accuracy of ±2dB, meaning it’s very accurate for measuring the noise levels in a given environment.

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Developed by PCE instruments, the Decibel Noise Level Meter PCE-MSL 1 is great for measuring both ambient sounds and ambient temperature, especially for non-stationary measurements. Nowadays, measuring background noises is important in almost every situation.

EASE OF USE – The decibel meter is extremely easy to use, and prides itself on high precision and fantastic value measurement. There’s an LC display, which provides you with clear measurements. The display also has an integrated backlight to further help when you’re measuring sounds or temperature in darker places. After 15 minutes of inactivity, the meter shuts down automatically, which saves up a lot of battery.

CONVENIENT AND PORTABLE – The sound level meter is extremely portable due to its tiny size and weight. Just put it in your bag, or even in your pocket, and you can bring it anywhere you go.

ACCURATE AND UNIVERSAL – The Decibel Noise Level Meter PCE-MSL 1 is very precise when it comes to measurements. Its accuracy is ±2 dB for sounds, and ±1.5 °C / ±2.7 °F for temperature. Its huge measuring range – from 35 to 135 decibels – makes it a universal too for determining ambient noises and temperature.

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