Dog Repeller Max

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Max is the most powerful anti-animal device for stationary use. It is used both indoors and outdoors.

It does not allow stray dogs to enter certain areas. The sound of the device can pass through a 20-cm (7.9-in) wall, i.e. it can stop dogs barking in neighboring apartments / rooms.

The sound is safe for both humans and animals.

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NUMEROUS APPLICATIONS – You can use the Max anti-animal device both indoors and outdoors.

In enclosed spaces, the sound can pass through a 20-cm (7.9 in) wall and stops the of barking dogs in adjacent rooms. Mount it outdoors in front of entrances or in places where stray dogs gather.

LARGE DISTANCE — The Max Anti-animal Device provides for space without stray dogs, without residents hearing or being distracted by the sound. Its outside range is up to 80 meters (262 ft).

POWERFUL — The unit has five speakers. This allows it to work as a laser speaker and produce a long range beam at high frequency.

IMPORTANT: The sound is safe for both humans and animals.


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