Ear muffs for babies and children Muffy Baby

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Alpine Muffy Baby ear muffs are specially designed to protect the hearing of babies and little children from the harmful noises, for example, during festivals, parades, exhibitions, fireworks and motor races. Muffy Baby can also be used during sleep when travelling. Children who suffer from hyper activity can also use the ear muffs. Very comfortable thanks to the soft material and elastic headband.

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  • Two component attaching system
  • Velcro attaching system
  • Foldable, easy to wear or store
  • Available in two colors – pink and blue
  • Easy to clean: detachable and washable head band
  • With free Protect & Go lid
  • Reduce noise (SNR) with 25 dB


  • The hearing of babies and little children is very fragile. Noise is more harmful than you suppose. Many parents often expose their children to loud noises without realizing it. Research shows than one in every eight children suffers from permanent impaired hearing. Loud noise can also stress your child thus provide for problems with sleep and concentration.
  • Alpine Muffy Baby are designed to be free around the head. The ear muffs are never too tight to apply hard tension around the head of your child. The soft elastic headband is regulated thanks to the Velcro. The separate ear muffs can be easily attached to the
  • Headband to fit better to the head. These unique ear muffs are suitable for babies and little children.
  • *Muffy Baby ear muffs are available in pink and blue.
  • *Each set includes a free Protect & Go storage case.


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