EO-08-007 8-bands Portable Cell Phone Jammer, Lojack GPS Wi-Fi, 40m (131 ft) Jamming

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EO-08-007 is a portable cell phone jammer. It can block up to 8 bands frequencies and has a 40 m (131 ft) jammer range. The jammer is small, light, and easy to carry around.

It also has a fantastic heat dissipation system, allowing it to function without interruption for long periods of time.

The EO-08-007 8 Bands Portable Cell Phone Jammer also comes with a built-in battery, which can also be charged in a car. The battery life is between 1 and 2 hours.

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The rapid development of mobile devices has led to their use anywhere, anytime. Of course, this is not always desirable.

As a solution to this problem, many manufacturers offer signal jammers for the different frequency ranges in which mobile devices operate. These ranges are 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE mobile networks, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for wireless data and internet access, as well as specific networks such as Lojack GPS for car tracking and navigation.

Their work is based on the emission of a signal (noise) in the frequency range in which we want to jam (silence) mobile devices. The emitted noise interferes with the operation of all devices, using the appropriate frequency, and does not allow their use within the range of the jammer. This can create an area where neither mobile calls can be made nor wireless internet or wireless devices (speakers, headsets, etc.) can be used.

These devices include an electromagnetic wave generator with appropriate frequencies, a noise generator, an amplifier, and antennas for emitting. In order for these jammers to be effective enough, they are usually large and heavy. That’s not the case for the EO-08-007 8-bands Portable Cell Phone Jammer.

LIGHT AND LARGE RANGE – EO-08-007 8 offers efficient and long-lasting operation up to a range of 40 meters, comparable to that of large stationary devices. In addition, it covers 8 frequency bands and is lightweight, manual and portable at the same time. Its dimensions are 130 mm * 80 mm * 38 mm, and its weight is only 800 grams (28.2 oz).


  1. User-friendly design.
  2. Small size and weight.
  3. Large range.
  4. Ability to operate selectively in 8 frequency bands.
  5. Unique cooling system for continuous operation.
  6. You can use it in a car.

All these advantages make the EO-08-007 8-bands Portable Cell Phone Jammer a great solution for classrooms, boardrooms, libraries, movie theaters, vehicles and other places where we need to ensure peace of mind. You can easily hide the device because of its small size.

PRECAUTIONS – DON’T use the jammer when you’re charging it!

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