LectroFan White, Pink, Brown Noise & Fan Sound Machine

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Lectrofan is a revolutionary white noise machine, created to provide you with а peaceful rest and a better night’s sleep.

The white, pink, and brown noise and fan sound device is compact and portable, making it your perfect travel companion when you’re on the road for a vacation or on a business trip.

You can charge the Lectrofan both via a USB cable or through an AC adapter, meaning you can operate it from a powered USB port or via a wall outlet.

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With millions in sales, the Lectrofan classic is the most versatile white noise and fan sound machine worldwide. Ideal for studying, relaxation, speech privacy, better night’s sleep, or peaceful rest, it comes with 10 fan sounds and 10 white noise options.

Its comfort and portability mean you can carry it with you on business trips, family adventures, or vacations with friends.

EASE OF USE – The Lectrofan Classic White Noise Machine is compact, easy to use, and has no annoying LED lights on it. Everything is included in the set. You don’t have to buy anything extra. Just plug it in your outlet, and enjoy the pleasant sounds.

FANTASTIC, NON-REPEATING SOUND – Lectrofan’s 10 non-repeating fan sounds and 10 non-repeating white, brown, and pink noises come with a clear, crisp, and superb sound. While the sounds and noises are computer-generated, there is no looping between them. In other words, no tiny track of sounds is played over and over again.

SUPERB GUARANTEE – Lectrofan has been designed in the USA and comes with a 1,000-day SATISFACTION guarantee.

WIDE VARIETY OF USES – The Lectrofan classic is perfect for falling asleep more easily, studying, speech privacy, or for any situation where you’d like to isolate yourself from ambient sounds and noises.

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