Panphonics Sound Shower Active SSHA60x60, Directional Audio Speakers, 600x600mm

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Panphonics Sound Shower Active SSHA60x60 are directional speakers that provide you with focused, high–quality audio to a specific area, without disturbing the others around you.

These parametric speakers are thin, light, and great for directing audio to certain zones in open areas like exhibition halls, supermarkets, restaurants, and shopping malls.

The SPL levels are up to 85dBA. You can connect Sound Shower Active to a preamplifier, a media player, or mixing systems that have RCA cables.

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The parametric speaker’s name Sound Shower is such because it literally creates a shower of sound. The Panphonics Sound Shower Active SSHA60x60 are capable of reproducing clear voice sounds at a low volume. This allows the listener to hear and comprehend the audio, even in a loud or noise environment.

When you’re under the speaker, the sound is clear and vibrant.

VARIETY OF USES – The directional speakers are appropriate for banks, airports, retail stores, museums, restaurants, and large exhibition halls. Due to the their highly-focused directional sound, different people can listen to different sound messages while still being aware of what’s going in open spaces. Panphonics are a great fit for bars and restaurants where people at one table can listen to a certain type of music, without hearing the music at the other table.

EXTREMELY CONVENIENT – The parametric speakers let you hear directional ultrasonic sound of the best kind, without having the need to wear inconvenient headphones. Eliminate the stress and fatigue that loud speakers and uncomfortable headphones cause to your ears. The Panphonics Sound Shower Active SSHA60x60 directional speakers have an automatic volume adjustment. It’s based on the ambient noise levels.

GREAT DESIGN – With their ultrathin (2-3cm) design, the speakers can be easily integrated into any type of architectural environment.

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