PartyPlug earplugs

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The PartyPlug earplugs absorb loud sounds without interfering with your music. They prevent from wheezing in the ears after concerts and other musical events. The musical experience and the quality of the music remain excellent and allow you to talk to the people around you. They fit perfectly in the ear thanks to the AlpineThermoShape material and are almost invisible.

A necessary accessory for every music lover who values ​​his hearing.

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After a concert or another musical event, many people return home with an extremely unpleasant wheezing in their ears. Loud music and shouts are extremely harmful to hearing. If repeated many times, there is a high risk of impaired hearing and constant wheezing. That’s why Alpine designed the PartyPlug earplugs. Special acoustic filters absorb sounds without compromising the quality of the music. The special material from which AlpineThermoShape is made takes the shape of your ear, does not contain silicone so that it does not cause side effects and can be worn all night long.

AlpineAcousticFilters reduce the volume of music to a level that is not harmful and to prevent wheezing in the ears. The musical experience and the quality of the music remain perfect.

Alpine Miniboxx

In the PartyPlug set you will also find an AlpineMiniboxx box. It attaches easily to the wrist and you can open the box with just one hand. The minibox can also be attached with a zipper to your backpack, fits in a pocket or purse.

Advantages of PartyPlug Earplugs

  •  Prevent hearing loss and wheezing in the ears
  •  Music quality remains optimal thanks to the AlpineAcousticFilters™
  •  Perfect fit thanks to the AlpineThermoShape material
  •  Silicone free
  •  Slightly visible in the ear: transparent filter
  •  Dutch design
  •  Reusable

Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 2 cm

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