QuietBuds Noise Cancelling EarPlugs, 3 Interchangeable Capsule Cores

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QuietBuds are noise cancelling ear plugs. The plugs actively shut out distracting noises (cars, trains, planes), prevent hearing damage (at sports events, loud concerts), protect you from dangerously loud jobs (construction), and give you the good night sleep you deserve.

QuietBuds are light, compact, and ultracomfortable. They come with 3 different capsule cores, each of which designed for certain noisy environments. The noise reduction is up to 50%.

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Created by a team of audiologists, QuietBuds Noise Cancelling EarPlugs offer you optimal noise protection from harmful sounds. Made of CNC aluminum, they’ll last for years of usage.

VARIETY OF USES – You can use the Marten Repeller Ultrasonic Sound Animal Repeller to deal not only with martens but also with similar rodents (mice, rats, etc.) that can cause trouble to your vehicles.

THREE DIFFERENT CORES – QuietBuds Noise Cancelling EarPlugs have three snug, super convenient cores:

COMMUTE CORES: Made of acoustic foam, these cores greatly reduce the surrounding ambient noises while still letting you hear people speech.
CONCERT CORES: These cores not only protect your ears at loud concerts but also eliminate surrounding chatter, so you can only on what you want to hear.
OCEAN QUITE CORES: The Ocean Quiet Cores are for you when you want to isolate yourself from virtually ALL sounds. Thanks to a special liquid, they block everything and let you read, sleep, or meditate in complete silence.
CARRYING CASE AND COMPACTNESS – The QuietBuds Noise Canceling EarPlugs are tiny, ultra-convenient, and extremely easy to swap. The package comes with a carrying case, so you can keep them safe when not using them.

Say goodbye to distractions and say hello to the peace and quiet you truly deserve.

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