Remote control for Stinger 3 / 100m.

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This long range remote control can be used with the Stinger 3 up to 100 meters away, which allows you to operate without risking direct contact with unwanted persons.
You can also activate Stinger 3 in case it is inaccessible and activate more networked devices.
Additional key holders can be added to the system if needed.

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Stinger 3 mounting is not always easy to switch on or off, or that would put you at unnecessary risk. The long-range remote control professional designed to be used with Stinger 3 devices to protect against unwanted presence provides an excellent solution in such cases.
Connecting a wireless built-in remote control to your Stinger 3 allows you the convenience of being able to switch the device on and off remotely via a keychain (similar to what you would lock / unlock a vehicle with).
Because this wireless remote control operates within 100 meters of range, it gives you great flexibility to switch the device on and off at a convenient time when you find it imperceptible and from a considerable distance. This avoids the inconvenience and risk of direct contact with unwanted visitors you want to influence.

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