Sendcool White Noise Machine, USB, 20 Non-Looping Nature Sounds

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Sendcool is a white noise machine that creates soothing, therapy sounds for you. The sounds mask noise and promote healthy sleep.

The white noise device is lightweight and portable, making it fantastic for traveling. You can easily fit Sendcool into your bag, hand luggage, or a big suitcase. You can charge the machine via a USB or use 18650 li-ion batteries.

For your convenience, there’s also an earphone jack for deep sleeping, without disturbing others.

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Create the ideal environment for relaxing, napping, or deep sleeping with the latest generation of white noise machines – Sendcool.

Equipped with 20 non-looping, soothing nature sounds and a jack for headphones, the device is great for both adults and children.

EASY OF USE – The Sendcool white noise machine has 3 different timers – 30, 60, 90 minutes – as well as 2 modes – LED night light and Colorful LED Moon Light. There are buttons for turning the sound or light on and off. They are independent from each other.

VARIOUS USES – You can use the white noise machine not only for napping or relaxing. The device can also boost your focus while you’re studying, working, or doing other activities that require concentration. The 20 different natural sounds can help you with the mood. You can use Sendcool at home, at the office, or while on the road.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE – The Sendcool white noise device is lightweight, compact, and portable. Its small size allows it to fit into virtually anything – from small bags to hand luggage, making it extremely easy to bring the machine with you when you have to go to a new place with unknown sound environment.

Sendcool is your go-to option if you like relaxing and sleeping without noise distractions.


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