Sleep White Noise Machine, USB, 9 Soothing Nature Sounds

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Sleep is a white noise machine that makes calming, natural sounds for you. The soothing sounds contribute to healthy sleeping by masking outside noises.

The white noise device is compact, portable, and very light. This makes it ideal for travel. Besides, you can easily place Sleep into your bag or suitcase and bring it everywhere you go.

The machine features a li-ion battery and USB charging. A full charge can last up to 36 hours!

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Sleep is a new generation of white noise machines that creates the perfect environment for napping, relaxing, or deep sleeping.

The device comes with 9 natural and 3 soothing lullaby sounds, including white noise, birds singing, wave sounds, waterfall, bicker, cricket sounds. You can choose the sound according to your own discretion. The machine is ideal for babies, children, and adults.

EASY OF USE – Sleep has as an automatic shutdown timer (15, 30, or 60 minutes) to conserve energy. There’s also a light display. Thanks to the light, you can adjust your breathing. This function can be manually turned off or switched to automatically turn off in 1 hour.

WIDE RANGE OF USES – The white noise device is ideal not only for relaxing or sleeping. You can also use Sleep to boost your concentration when you’re busy with work, studying, or with any other activities that require more focus. The 9 different natural sounds help with your mood. Sleep can be used everywhere – at home, at work, or on the road.

COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT – Sleep white noise machine takes great pride in its compact size and portability. Just place it into your bag, hand luggage, or even your suitcase, and bring it anywhere to deal with unwanted noises.

Perfect for adults, children, and babies, Sleep can last up to 36 hours when fully charged!

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