Sleeping Mask with Bluetooth Speakers

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Sleeping face mask with Bluetooth speakers, designed to provide you with low-loss, hi-quality music/sound while you’re sleeping at night.

The mask is ultrathin, comfortable, breathable, and fully washable. Its integrated high-performance battery, chargeable via a USB cable, offers 9-10 hours of playback with just a 2-2.5 hours single charge.

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Designed with total relaxation in mind, this Sleeping Mask is perfect for blocking light, providing great conditions for sleeping or relaxing while you’re travelling on long flights and you want some privacy.

Entirely handsfree, the mask uses Bluetooth 4.1, which you can pair with many devices.

EASE OF USE – This Sleeping Mask and its wireless headphones mean that you don’t have to deal with annoying cables. You can adjust the headphones to your liking. For instance – near the ears to get high-quality sound while you’re relaxing, sleeping, or traveling. Plus, its overall thickness (just one-third of the average speakers) is very convenient for side sleepers.

LONG BATTERY LIFE – The 200mah integrated battery can last up to 9-10 hours, which are enough for a night of good night sleep. But that’s not all – you don’t need to worry that the sleeping mask will wake you up as it goes off automatically when it has run out of battery. This makes it perfect for you if you’re a light sleeper.

GREAT SOUND – this sleeping mask offers you true HD, hi-fi sound, which you can easily pair with other devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and car DVD players via Bluetooth 4.1.

Wireless connection, ergonomics, and long battery life make up for a great relaxation while you’re on the road or chilling at home.


Find the right sleep headphones for you.

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