Soundlazer Mini Directional Audio Kit Swivel Mount Array, Directional Audio, 12 m (39 ft) range

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The directional (laser) mini speaker Soundlazer is an audio kit designed to transmit a very focused audio beam to listeners.

The kit has an array of 50х 10mm micro speakers. It is mounted in a housing with a rotating base, which allows you to direct the sound beam very precisely. The device is suitable for wall and ceiling installations.

When you stand in the beam area, you will hear a clear and vibrant sound, as if you have a headset, which is not audible to people next to you.

The kit also includes an amplifier with a digital signal processing (DSP) technology, guaranteeing you the best directional sound.

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The focused beam of this directional, parametric speaker means that you’ll still be able to hear everybody around you, but they won’t be able to hear your audio unless they’re under the same wave. When you place your head under the beam, you’ll hear clear and vibrant audio as if you have headphones on.

HUGE VARIETY OF USES – You can use the parametric speaker to project focused audio in many cases. Museums and galleries use the ultrasonic waves of the directional speakers to deliver audio messages only to visitors that are in a specific place – in front of a painting or a statue, for instance. Thanks to this revolutionary technology, you can play your “own” music at your table in a restaurant or a bar, without disturbing others. The focused sound waves are also great for supermarkets or shopping malls to broadcast ads or news to visitors, again without disturbing other visitors.

VERY CONVENIENT – The Soundlazer Mini Directional Audio Kit lets you experience directional ultrasonic sound, without the need to wear bulky or inconvenient headphones. Deal with the fatigue and stress that headphones and loud speakers cause to your ears once and for all.

The Soundlazer Mini Directional Audio Kit makes use of the newest algorithms for digital signal processing to provide you with very high-quality directional sound.
Find the right directional speaker for you.

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