Soundlazer #SL-01 Open Source Parametric Speaker, 120dB Ultrasonic Output, 9m (30ft) range

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Soundlazer #SL-01 is an open source parametric speaker. It transmits audio to listeners in a focused sound beam by making use of ultrasonic carrier waves.

The parametric directional speaker is great for bars, restaurants, exhibition halls (galleries, museums), supermarkets or other open areas, and for home use, too. The ultrasonic output amounts to 120dB with an indoor range of 9.1m (30 ft).

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If you hate wires and inconvenient headphones, then this entirely new type of listening experience is perfect for you.

Think of Soundlazer #SL-01 as the Virtual Reality of Sound. Immerse yourself in a floating personal beam of sound, without disturbing anyone around you.

When you position your head under the beam, the sound you hear is clear, lively, and having stereo reproduction that you can normally experience only when wearing headphones.

EASY OF USE – The Soundlazer #SL-01 Open Source Parametric Speaker is extremely easy to use. You just have to place yourself under it, and you’ll be able to enjoy the fantastic, high-quality audio coming from the speaker.

VARIETY OF USES – You can use it when listening to music, watching videos, or following the news, without anybody else in the room feeling disturbed. Exhibition halls use ultrasonic sound waves to deliver audio only to people that are in a specific spot – in front of a picture, statue, or another exhibit. Supermarkets and open areas make use of #SL-01 Open Source Parametric Speaker to broadcast news and ads to people in specific spots.

EXTREMELY CONVENIENT – Soundlazer #SL-01 Open Source Parametric Speaker allows you to experience directional ultrasonic sound of the best kind, without wearing huge or uncomfortable headphones. Get rid of the stress and fatigue that loud speakers and headphones cause to your ears. Hear the other people in the room.

Soundlazer #SL-01 uses the latest algorithms for digital signal processing to achieve hi-quality directional sound. And the best news? Its price is twice as little as similar products on the market.

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