Stinger PRO Ultrasonic Device Deterring Hooliganism, 40m (131 ft) range

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Stinger PRO is a technological, ultrasonic device that emits high-frequency sound with a strong psychological effect.

It discourages antisocial behavior, such as vandalism, graffiti painting, and excessive night-time noise, often caused by young people under 21 in parks, sub-spaces and public places. You can use the device effectively against noisy neighbors.

The device has two modes: 1) a high frequency one that is audible only to people under 21, and 2) a base one that is audible to all ages.

The Stinger PRO ultrasonic device has an effective range of 40 meters (131 feet). The device comes complete with a Motion Sensor, a Remote with a range of 150 meters (492 feet), a time relay, and a protective cell.

Tested product. It emits a very annoying sound that is completely safe for humans, babies and pets.

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Stinger Pro is an ultrasonic generator that emits extremely intrusive high-frequency sound. Also known as Mosquito The Anti-Loitering Alarm


Stinger PRO emits a variable high-frequency tone. There are two modes:

1) High frequency at 17kHz, only audible to people under 21 years of age. In this range, the medical condition of the presbicus is used, which reduces our ability to hear higher-frequency sounds as we age. The sound is harmless to young people but causes them to leave the device’s emitting range due to the highly annoying nature of the sound.

2) Base – in this mode, the device operates at 8 kHz and has the same impact as the high frequency but is audible to all ages.

APPLICATION – Often at night, groups of hooligans and drug abusers make noise and create a criminal environment that makes your place of residence, park or next door the last place you would like to be. You can use the device to disperse them.

In the business industry, Stinger PRO can be installed at store entrances, parking lots, against noisy establishments and wherever access by persons under 21 is undesirable.

Attempts to solve the noise problem face-to-face often escalate and get out of hand.

INSTALLATION OPTIONS – You can install the STINGER PRO ultrasonic device on any flat surface, wall, pole, balcony, fence, as well as between properties.

ACCESSORIES – You can additionally purchase one of the following accessories:

  • Remote with radio control 150m (492 ft) -> link;
  • Motion sensor;
  • Time relay;
  • Steel protective cage.



Description Indicator Note  
Adjust the sound for teenagers 17KHz Audible only to people under 25
Adjust the sound for all ages 8KHz Audible to all ages
Sound volume 103dB max Adjustable to 3 or 4 grades
Effective range 40 meters (131 ft) According to surrounding noise
Setup options 4 manual, remote, motion sensor, time relay, remote control
Additional signaling at 17 KHz ON/OFF The signal is audible when turning the high-frequency on or off
Requires professional installation Certified electrician
Maximum duration period 20 minutes For permanent operation – additional chip


Find the right mosquito alarm for you.

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Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 15 cm


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