Three Sheep D3 White Noise Machine for Adults and Babies

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Three Sheep is an innovative white noise machine that drowns out outside noises to help you with privacy, relaxation, and sleep.

The machine is portable and lightweight, which makes it great for travel or when you’re on the road. It can easily fit into a bag, hand luggage, or a suitcase.

The built-in Li-ion battery is rechargeable via a USB with an output power of 5V, but you can also charge it via an AC220V power supply.

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Create the perfect environment for sleeping and relaxing with the latest generation of white noise devices – the Three Sheep D3 White Noise Machine.

Coming with 20 soothing sounds, a headphone jack, and a Built-in Li-ion battery, the device is perfect for both children and adults.

EASY OF USE – The white noise machine has 2 different timers – 30 and 60 minutes. It also has 2 convenient USB ports, helping you with insomnia, shielding outside noises, and calming your emotions. There’s voice regulation for the ultimate comfort.

VARIETY OF USES – People like using the Sound Spa natural sound to help them fall asleep. However, you can also use the Three Sheep white noise device boost your focus while you’re working or studying, or tune out various distractions. The different natural sounds inspire various moods, so there’s something for everybody. The machine is great for home, office, and travel.

CONVENIENT AND PORTABLE – The Three Sheep D3 White Noise Machine is compact, portable, and lightweight – ideal for using it at home, at the office, or while you’re traveling. Its small size fits into almost anything – from bags to suitcases – making it easy to carry with you when you have to sleep in a new place with strange environment.
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