Ultrasonic Acouspade Classic Directional Audio Speaker, 3 Modes, Stereo Sound

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Ultrasonic Acouspade Classic is a hyper directional audio speaker that enables you to direct sounds to specific spots in the environment, making the message audible only in that location, without disturbing others.

The ACOUstic SPAce Delimiter Classic is circular, light, and thin, making it hardly visible. The small size of Acouspade Classic shouldn’t mislead you, though. It is capable of producing high-quality focused sound even in very noisy environments.

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The Ultrasonic Acouspade Classic Directional Audio Speaker radiates sound only in one direction – contrasted with conventional speakers, which spread sounds in all directions. This focused beam of sound can easily cut through noisy environments, thus delivering you with a headphone-like listening experience.

WIDE RANGE OF USES – The Acouspade Classic Directional Audio Speaker is great for a broad variety of uses. You can mount the devices in banks, digital kiosks, retail, supermarkets, shopping malls, bars and restaurants, fairs and trade shows, as well as slot machines. These tiny hyper directional audio speakers are fantastic for hearing aids and have numerous applications in the automotive industry.

CONVENIENT – The Acouspade Classic Directional Audio Speaker allows you to enjoy high-quality directional ultrasonic messages, without wearing any cumbersome headphones. Get rid of the excessive stress and fatigue that loud speakers and regular headphones cause.

3 DIFFERENT MODES – You can choose between three different modes of the Acouspade Classic Directional Audio Speaker: These are:

1. The speaker is mounted on the same wall – below or above the digital sign. It needs to point diagonally upwards or downwards respectively in order for the sound to reach the height of the visitor.
2. Sound shower. The speaker is mounted on the ceiling, facing the floor. The speaker creates a “sound shower” effect that is audible irrespective of the height of the visitor.
3. Virtual speaker. In this mode, the speaker points towards the sign or object. In return, the sound bounces back to the visitor. This makes it look like as if the sound stems from the sign/object that it’s being reflected from. The real sound source remains hidden and unnoticeable by the user.
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