Ultrasonic Acouspade-XLS Directional Audio Speaker, External Amplifier

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Ultrasonic Acouspade-XLS is a directional audio speaker that creates directional sound, which is audible in high-noise environments and at large distances, without disturbing others that are nearby.

The ACOUstic SPAce Delimiter XLS is light, thin, and fantastic for directing audio to certain places in open areas like museums, galleries, libraries, digital kiosks, restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls, fairs and trade shows, and many others.

The new Ultrasonic Acouspade-XLS Directional Audio Speaker is the largest and the loudest hyper-directional speaker on the market. Besides, it’s the only one that has a stereo sound-field distribution.

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Ultrasonic Acouspade-XLS Directional Audio Speaker produces extremely high-quality directional sound, which allows it to be heard loudly and clearly even in very noisy places.

The emitter panel has two sections (Left and Right), which respectively emit two audio channels – Left and Right. This amazing feature allows for a very accurate stereo signal representation, authentically reproducing binaural (3-D stereo sound) recordings, without using headphones.

WIDE VARIETY OF USES – Ultrasonic Acouspade-XLS is great for a wide range of uses. You can plant it into museum and gallery installations, or use them in banks, for fairs and trade shows, in digital kiosks, bars and restaurants, in slot machines, supermarkets, in shopping malls, as well as retail. The hyper-directional audio speaker has many applications in the automotive industry.

CONVENIENT – The Acouspade-XLS Directional Audio Speaker lets you listen to high-quality, hyper-directional ultrasonic sound, without the need to wear bulky or inconvenient headphones. Eliminate the stress and fatigue that come with loud speakers or big headphones.

CLEAR SOUND – The directional speaker provides you with high-quality sound, great frequency response (bass notes and frequencies as low as 150Hz), and low noise.

FANTASTIC DESIGN – Thanks to Acouspade-XLS Directional Audio Speaker’s ultrathin design, it can be easily integrated into any architectural environment.

Don’t let the size mislead you, though – it’s the loudest directional speaker out there.

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Weight 5.745 kg
Dimensions 65 × 35 × 17 cm


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