Vermin Repeller Ultrasonic Sound Animal Repeller, 40m (131ft) Range, 100 dB

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Vermin Repeller is an ultrasonic sound animal repeller. The device produces ultrasonic sounds to keep away game, birds, insects, rodents, as well as crawling parasites.

The repeller is not only tiny and compact, but it also has a large range (up to 40 m or 131 ft). The device comes with a loudspeaker that has special vaulted aluminum-dome membrane. That helps the Vermin Repeller to have a better distribution of sound.

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The Vermin Repeller Ultrasonic Sound Animal Repeller is for you if you’re dealing with annoying birds, insects, wild animals, rodents, or creepy crawlies on a usual basis.

The pulsating ultrasonic sounds that the device emits are very unpleasant but not harmful to animals. Use it with care!

BROAD VARIETY OF USES – You can use the repeller to keep away animals, including various mammals, game and birds, rodents and insects, as well as various crawling parasites.

SPECIAL LOUDSPEAKER – The device has a special built-in loudspeaker that serves to achieve better sound distribution. You can connect up to 4 additional speakers or an on-wall loudspeaker if you want to expose larger rooms to the ultrasonic waves.

SMALL AND COMPACT – The small and compact size of the Vermin Repeller Ultrasonic Sound Animal Repeller makes it very convenient to carry around with you. Just place it in your car, backpack, or suitcase, and bring it everywhere you go.



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